Looking out to Sea

I'm a little weary of winter, so here are some photos from this summer at Rockaway.

Ross, first month

2015: Year in Review

The end of 2014 found me in Salmon, Idaho, seeking some respite from a pretty rocky year. I was looking forward to the "clean slate" that comes with each calendar reset. But when has life ever followed our rules, or complied with our plans?

Back in Seattle, I worked a lot, and slept very little. I guess slates don't automatically clean themselves... I needed to make some changes. 

Good companions saw me through the rainiest months. My best friend, Ciarra, (who had undergone surgery to remove a brain tumor only 6 months earlier!) made sure that I still went outside. Ralphy reminded me to enjoy the little things.

In February, I went to New York City for the first time to visit Ross. Let's just say he left more than one permanent mark on me.

In March, I turned twenty-five. Spring exploded in Seattle. I was energized, stir-crazy, itching for newness.

In April, Ralphy turned five, and we celebrated by exploring the Northwest, rain or shine. 

In May, Ross and I rendezvoused in Santa Barbara, California. We were entertained, fed, and plied with drinks by my college roommate, Robb! And by the end of our trip, I had decided to join Ross in New York in the fall. 

Never is a place more beautiful then when you're about to leave it. Home is incredibly comfortable, and parting with friends is unbearably hard. The last summer in Seattle was so rose-colored, I wasn't sure I would be able to go. 

But I set about crossing things off of my PNW bucket list: last hike with my sister, last camping trip with Ciarra, last trip to the coast, last Sounder's game (thanks Craig!). I got rid of a lot of stuff, packing only the important things.

Then I said goodbye to some wonderful people. Many not pictured, but missed very much.

In August I made a last visit to the ranch in Idaho where I grew up, before my mom moved into town. Afterwards, I spent some blissfully quiet weeks in Montana with my aunt, uncle, and cousins before taking the plunge. 

I touched down in New York on August 25th, 2015. Holy shit. I live here now.

September was a whirlwind; exploring the city, looking for an apartment, and starting a [very long and discouraging] job hunt. When I lost my sense of humor, Ross managed to locate it for me.

October 1st found us moving into our very own apartment(!!) October 7th found us flying back to the West to retrieve my car and Ralphy(!!) for a cross-country road trip. It was long. We survived. (Thanks Dave and Gayle, Leif and Kelsey, and the Callier's for hosting us!)

Back in NY, we went to Harriman State Park, I got a job as a nanny, and Ross had an interesting idea for a Halloween costume.

November was lovely. It's true what they say about the foliage ;) I am still looking for work in the photography world, but in the meantime, I practice baby mohawks on my little kid friend. We went to the beach on Thanksgiving and Ralphy had no fun at all...

And now it's December again. Ross' parents are visiting with us for the holidays, and there has been no shortage of food, drinks, and good company.

I miss my family and friends, New York still overwhelms me, and I'm pretty darn broke. But it's been a beautiful year, full to the brim with love and change.

Here's to the next one, Happy 2016!